How I can help you

Since 1994, I’ve helped couples overcome painful communication blocks and bring closeness and intimacy to their most important relationship. Though my direct work with hundreds of couples, and the leadership positions I held in the California Association of Marriage and Family therapists, I have been helping couples, and individuals of all kinds build relationships that feel great.

While it can be hard to define what your course of therapy might look like as everyone has slightly different goals, needs and personalities, there are some elements in common.

My process

Every course of treatment will begin with goal setting and assessing the issues involved. Once I have an idea of what you would like to work on, I will begin with very concrete advice and provide information about how to manage the problems in the short term, whether they stem from depression, anxiety, addiction etc. I will also gather information about your current situation and your history. In this process I will be looking for patterns and styles of relating and helping to make connections between the past and the present. With this newfound insight, we will be working on changing these life long patterns in a long term way. Each week will involve a reflection on the prior week, looking at progress and, if needed, what obstacles still need to be worked through in order reach your goals.


Ready to Get Started?

The psychotherapist-client relationship is unlike any other. There is not the back and forth sharing that exists in most other relationships, the time and focus is entirely on you, helping you move towards your goals, helping you feel better.