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Are you having the same fight over and over?

He/she's the most important relationship you have. But when you are trying to say something that is extremely important, it somehow gets missed. You want desperately to be heard, but the responses you receive make you feel you absolutely have not been.

Instead of getting the encouragement and support that you need, your partner responds in ways that hurt you more.

Despite trying so hard, you are unable to resolve it on your own.

Although you each say you understand, the same painful thing keeps happening.

If it does, it leaves you feeling;

Put down

You want to make sure that your couples therapy is going to be a positive experience.

If you are thinking about couples therapy, you might be:

  • Afraid to drag your partner in to couples counseling because he's reluctant to come.
  • Worried because maybe you have even had to threaten them into going to couples therapy.
  • Hopeful that you can find a therapist who is active and directive, so that you can have new, different, better experience. Why pay for help to repeat the same unproductive, hurtful arguments?

Here is How Couples Counseling Helps:

You can:

  • Come to a compassionate understanding of yourself and your partner
  • Resentments will go away - even if they have been long held.
  • Benefit from having a supportive, neutral third party guide you through tricky conversation that have been fraught with hurt, anger and fear
  • Grow your capacity to engage in emotionally mature, adult conversations.

How do you know I can help?

Since 1994, I've helped couples overcome painful communication blocks and bring closeness and intimacy to their most important relationship. Though my direct work with hundreds of couples, and the leadership positions I held in the California Association of Marriage and Family therapists, I have been helping couples, and individuals of all kinds build relationships that feel great.


Alison Saylor
  Alison Saylor
Alison Saylor
Alison Saylor Alison Saylor Alison Saylor